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Großformatige Bilder - über 100 Meter große 'largeformat' Fotos im Gigapixel Bereich

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pullpix musterbuch - wenn groß nicht groß genug ist


In our pullPIX catalogue, we offer you a little insight into the quality of our extremely large resizeable motifs. Use it to see the extremely high resolution of the image files when they are enlarged to the format specified by us. In interior design, images become a vivid, breathtaking experience only when the magnified photos are really sharp.

pullPIX images for ultra-high resolution 2015 (37MB)


Passagen - Interior Design Week Köln



Visitors to Cologne’s 2015 Passagen exhibition had the opportunity to experience the unique sharpness of the extremely high-resolution pullPIX images live. At the booth, the visitors were impressed by the quality of large format prints on the wall. Also, the entire fair ground was completely carpeted with high-resolution floor graphics.
Even non-professionals recognized the crisp images’ striking effect at first glance.


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In this German video you'll see the difference between an extremely large image file and normal photographed images. And maybe you’ll also spot an idea or two for your interior design with large images...
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 Fachzeitschrift für Textilveredlung und Promotion

 Fachzeitschrift für Textilveredlung und Promotion

mineral fresco


has developed special printing processes to print on mineral surfaces. The company provides large-format printing on concrete, plaster, clay or even sand.