large format foto fotografie Bilddatenbank - Bildagentur für große Fotos und Bilddaten Photography Image Database - Stock Agency for large pictures and image data bildagentur für XXL formate pullPIX ist eine large format bilddatenbank - grossbildagentur für gigapixel / xxl fotos für high end bildanwendungen

Bildagentur für großformatige Raumdesigns

Großformatige Bilder - über 100 Meter große 'largeformat' Fotos im Gigapixel Bereich



Problems with the registration?

If you have a problem with the registration, our illustrated documentation may help. Even you can get in contact with us per phone or Mail to


Stock agencies and picture libraries offer a plethora of royalty-free photos and graphics. What is the difference between these images and the photos offered by pullPIX?

Over the past years, the variety of large format printing and printing techniques have developed. The print quality has steadily risen. XXL formats for walldesigns can be produced easily in the best picture quality. At the same materials such as glass, Dibond, fabrics, wallpaper, concrete, wood, flooring can be individually provided with pictorial motifs. Thus, all the elements of a room can make fascinating.

To ensure that images look sharp and brilliant, even at close range, very high-resolution image files are needed.
pullPIX specializes in the offering of this high-res data . All image files are designed for large-format applications. You can find the maximum recommended format for each image in the image details. More information about possible applications can be found in our YouTube viedeo.


big photos in high resolution qualityLarge-format images: backlit glass wall at the event venue 'Wartesaal am Dom', Cologne

Is it possible to enlarge images, taken with a modern camera to an entire wall format in best quality?

It’s frequently claimed that you can print a picture with a resolution of just 30 dpi or less, depending on the application format, in large formats. If the end product is a billboard on the side of a building, the low resolution can work quite well because the viewing distance is ten meters or more.

The pictures offered by pullPIX are mainly intended for use in interior design. They can be used as wallpaper, on the walls of exhibition booths, on partitions, kitchen splash-backs, floor graphics or for other large-scale purposes. All listed applications have one thing in common: the viewing distance starts at about one meter. From this short distance, the images must be reproduced sharply and at the highest quality. To achieve this, a much higher image resolution is necessary. That's why all photos offered by pullPIX, are taken in single segments and composed later using a panoramic photography process to create extremely sharp, high resolution files.

The great advantage: even at low distances, the images remain crisp and detailed.

Example Images PDF (17MB)


this picture shows the difference beetween normal photography as single shot and high resolution giga pixel panorama



I want to use an image not just once, but several times or exclusively.How does that work?

When you order a pullPIX image, you receive the right to it for a single use(one copy). If you require exclusive designs or would like to use motifs repeatedly, please check with us. In this case, individual prices can be negotiated.

I’m looking for large image files, but I can't find the right artwork at pullPIX. What can I do?

If the pullPIX database doesn’t contain the image you’re looking for, by all means enquire with us. Please describe your desired motif as precisely as possible and give us the final format you need. We may have a corresponding photograph already in progress. Otherwise, we also carry out contract work and can make a photo exclusively for your project. You will receive an individual offer.

How can I make sure that I will be satisfied with the quality of the selected images?

Before buying the high-res file, you can order a version with a watermark.
This is the original file, but it is exclusively intended and suitable for evaluation or for test prints. As a registered user you can download layout data for viewing. You can find the link in the image details.

I’ve found an image that I like, but it isn’t the right colour for my interior design.

pullPIX image files are flexible. Within certain limits, we can adapt the image and vector data to your colour wishes. Tell us your desired Pantone, HKS or RAL colour. We examine the possibilities and calculate the cost according to the work entailed.


big sized image with green intention

big sized image arranged to red impression
wall-filling photos different coloured

For a kitchen back wall, I have found a motive. Unfortunately, the central image overlaps with the kitchen faucet.

If the motif clashes with decor elements, in certain circumstances it may simply be possible to mirror (flip) the image. Sometimes, another cut is optimal. Many pullPIX files are large enough to be a cut without losing quality.

In addition, pullPIX also offers a range of subjects (for example, some of our images of spices) in which individual elements in the motif can be shifted or placed differently.
Should your desired motif not be in harmony with the room situation, please send us a dimension drawing and, if available, a photo of the room. Assuming the change is feasible, we will send you a outline for your interior design.

example for adaption of big pictures for your rooms


example for image editingmega ice cubes





Info for photographers


The pullPIX agency is always looking for new images with extremely high resolution, and for gigapixel photos. We are interested in nearly all image categories, including landscapes, nature, architecture, stills and material structures. You can also feel free to send us artistic photographs.
Please contact us if you want to offer us images that are suitable for enlarging to at least 500 x 300 cm with a resolution of 72 dpi.
Requirement for representation by pullPIX is the offer of images in the above listed high image resolution. We prefer multi-row panoramas.
Please send a selection of five to ten motifs at a lower resolution to
We will get in touch with you after reviewing the material.